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Company profile

Company profile


Jiaxing MEKERS MACHINERY manufacturing co., LTD was founded in 2003 in baibu industrial park, haiyan county, jiaxing city, zhejiang province,Is a non-standard equipment processing and manufacturing company integrating design, riveting, forming, machining and assembly。The company is 88 kilometers from Shanghai, 68 kilometers from hangzhou and 80 kilometers from suzhou. It only takes 30 minutes to go to hangzhou by high-speed train。

The company covers an area of more than 70,000 square meters, with a total floor area of more than 50,000 square meters and a maximum lifting height of 28 meters。The company has its own 1,000-ton inland river terminal, and transport vessels can reach Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port through the river from the terminal。The river terminal is equipped with a 50-ton gantry crane and other mobile cranes, which can reach a total lifting capacity of 500 tons。

The company has more than 300 employees, including 30 engineers and technicians (3 senior engineers, 17 engineers and 10 assistant engineers), 16 certified nondestructive testing personnel and 42 certified welders。  

The company mainly produces pressure vessels, nuclear auxiliary equipment and various steel structures. The products are used in petrochemical, metallurgy, air separation, thermal power, wind power, solar power and nuclear power。


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